Zielsicher. Der Film zum Album

(Bildrechte: Franz Sattler)
(Bildrechte: Franz Sattler)


“The Rabtaldirndln bore their performative lance directly in to the heart of Styria with Zielsicher.” From the bestOFFstyria 2011 jury decision


Since their founding in 2003, the theatre collective ‘Die Rabtaldirndln’ has caused confusion time and again with their name and fictional background. There is no such place as the Rabtal [Rab Valley] – although there is a Raabtal [Raab Valley], which is why Rabtal can represent anything. And such is also the case for the Rabtaldirndln that live there. In their production Zielsicher. Der Film zum Album [Unerring. The film to the album], they are female singers who devote themselves to the songs of the Raabtal Dirndln, a folk music group that has long since ceased to exist. Using their songs, the Rabtaldirndln develop a fictional concept album, Zielsicher. As they sort through the songs they realise that it all somehow has something to do with a mutual acquaintance of theirs who shot her husband in the face during a birthday party at the Rabtal Tavern in 2004. Because of the shocking story the Rabtaldirndln decided to shoot a film to the album. The Rabtaldirndln sing Raabtal Dirndln songs, accompany their acquaintance after her imprisonment, and if the Raabtal Dirndln hadn’t contacted the Rabtaldirndln the film would have been finished. Instead, the film’s tale can finally be told to the end in front of a live audience. Just throwing it away would be a true shame. http://dierabtaldirndln.wordpress.com


Zielsicher. Der Film zum Album was awarded the bestOFFstyria prize 2011 and also won the festival’s audience award.


Director Ed Hauswirth Concept Ed Hauswirth & Die Rabtaldirndln With Die Rabtaldirndln (Barbara Carli, Rosi Degen, Bea Dermond & Gudrun Maier) Music Andreas Semlitsch Video Ulrich A. Reiterer Production dramaturgy Gerda Strobl